A special commission for a very special charity in memory of a very special boy named Reuben.

Reuben’s Retreat provides respite care to relieve the distress of families and their close friends who have suffered the bereavement of a child or have a child suffering from a life limiting or life threatening illness.

Emma wanted a commemorative piece of artwork for her friend and founder of Reuben’s Retreat. So working with their existing logo and symbols, ‘Reubow’ was born.

Here is how it developed….drawings first….and fiddly diddly fun construction!

The springy-flower and buzzy bee were constructed using recycled pottery and glass in a copper foil technique. And the main pretty coloured panel utilised a mosaic applique technique with some decorative carefully chosen pottery bits too.

All mounted on a grand bit of driftwood!


(I also heard that they had a bit of a thing about Robin’s too so I gifted one their way to help make their gardens look even nicer. x)



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A Poem. (Almost by Edward Lear…)

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea

In a beautiful pea green boat…


She took some flashed glass (which cost plenty of cash)

That would cut like butter, she hoped.


She pictured a night sky and picked up her pencil,

Drew some curves and filled them with stars.

Then she took up her knife and cut out a stencil.

To prepare for the blast with Ed’. Ta.



Big Ta! Big Ta!

A lovely sky blasted with stars.


Debbie then said to Ed’, you generous man.

Of your machine I would like a loan.

Go ahead Debbie, but keep the grit flow steady.

Remember, it’s used to cutting stone!


So she blasted away. The results were “hey-hey”

And she took them back home to the shed.


She then picked up her cutter. Produced shapes with no clutter

And gave them a quick coat of paint.


Of paint. Of paint.

The layers she added with paint.


Then the kiln does its cooking. (Watch the time Deb, no schmucking!!)

Clean the bench and get ready for glue.


Once the program is done, wash and clean, get the gun.

Position carefully. Step back and say “phew”.


You then leave this to set. And some grout go and get.

The finishing touches she’ll be making soon.

Whatever she wishes, some wriggly wee fishes

And of course a shot blasted moon.


A moon. A moon.

On a wire it dances. The moon.


The End

A wonderful commission for an engagement come house-warming for Jenny and Joshua.

Constructed using glass and glue in an applique technique.

Hand-rolled and flashed glass used for the painting and shot-blasting.

Thanks to Ed’ Waller at Able Memorials for use of his blast cabinet.

Thanks to brother Dunc’ for help fettling the base.

Thanks to Gill and Nigel for the commission.


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Head for the Hills…

A commission for her brother from Emma and her beautiful kids, Joshy, Bel and Loki…


…That was to be a wedding present for Michael and Kerry….who are lucky enough to be starting married life in the wonderful Howgills…and apparently have a thing about sheepdogs and pigs!

So this is the scene that I came up with…


from sketch through cutting and cleaning….



glueing, grouting and

finishing off!



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Preening, posturing and prepping…

So I have had this idea in my head to capture birds in flight and with the Trail fast approaching I figured it a good plan to make a drop dead gorgeous panel for then. I pictured them, (the birds), silhouetted against the sky in the upper part of my window. So, I drafted something up and gazed at it for a few days….I coloured it in….i selected my colours and finally bit the bullet and invested ‘dosh’ in some new sheets of glass.


On arrival of glass I worried that the blue sheet would not be quite big enough for my needs…oh dear, cold feet.(Nervous I am. This would be the largest panel I have tackled so far…and it would require a whole new board to be fitted on my bench..yikes)

I looked at the drawing a bit longer and instead decided upon making two smaller panels. One capturing the birds in flight and the other catching them preening. (Back to the drawing board)


Yip-yippee…next it was down to cutting glass  Oh, how I love to cut glass…. And, I got to try out the nifty new trick that I had learnt from Deb’s at Pendle Stained Glass. Check me out using a sheet of plain glass as an easel and sticking the bits of cut glass to it using plasticine. Great way to check colours and composition.. (just need to remember not to leave it propped in the sun though as everything travels south in the heat!)


Next the painting. I decided I was going to paint every piece of glass to achieve a level of obscurity in each section. The blue sky was just given a light even matt but I had a bit of fun on the other panel…

Splattering it with water for nice effect! (’twas subtle, but nice)

After firing I realised I had made a couple of wrong colour decisions as the darkest amber darkened just a bit too much in the kiln so I ended up re-firing a couple of pieces. But happy that I did.

Then, lead work followed by that filthy job of grouting! (I used a brush, David, at Pendle Stained Glass..although did still manage to get quite hope).

Then after much polishing, the reveal….. what do you think?



So glad i decided to make the two. i just love this preening couple.

Why not come and see them at the Trail this weekend…

(Just also like to say thanks to all the staff at Pendle Stained Glass who were most patient and generous on my day out there…hopefully be back again at some point)






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Bring me sunshine….

Just a few short weeks ago an offer dropped in to my ‘inbox’.


Would I like to submit artwork for an exhibition to celebrate what would have been Eric Morecambe’s 90th year? This came from The Morecambe Artist Colony (MAC), a dynamic wee group of artists and makers from, yes you’ve guessed it – Morecambe!


Well it lit a spark in me – the Eric Morecambe statue never fails to illicit a response whenever I pass it….a smile…a salute…or the full on one-legged dance – yee-hah!


(I spent a very happy lunch-time once with my Mam and Dad at ‘Eric’s Cafe’ which is just across the road from Eric’ statue. The laugh we had watching passing folks strike a pose…Eric definitely “brings me sunshine!”)


So here is what I came up with for my submission…even the birds getting in on the act!


You can see that Eric also brought me sunshine whilst i was photographing my artwork. …He also brought a high tide though and me, out on the sands at Silverdale, trying to capture Eric and co’ against a bright wide horizon and big sky; I almost got caught by the ‘bore’ (and I am not referring to a particularly un-interesting local character!!)


The ‘bore’ is the first wave of each tide and in the estuary at Silverdale you can spot it twice daily if you’re watching. It is quite a sight. Most usually it is a gentle shallow little wave. First filling up all the riverlets but quickly following up with gobbling up all the sand. On particularly high tides it comes in especially quickly and will have a white wake behind it. (I have spotted the bore from the top of the Knott before – a line of water creeping up the Bay).


So yesterday was one of those high tides. It was also very sunny so I was out on the sand-bar photographing Eric. Happy days…. Till I heard a toot-toot from Tony on the shore. Lucky for me I heeded his warning and headed back; just managing to skip across the ever widening stream and onto the land. Phew! What a numpty.


Lucky for me Tony was there…another couple of minutes and I wouldn’t have fancied my chances surfing in…..Silly me. And me a local too. (Lesson to self – always always check the tides)



If you would like to take a look at the exhibition then pop across to Morecambe Library. The exhibition is on until the middle of July.


(Can you spot the real statue!!??)

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The Yellow Cowboy

How did I start?


Well this one is a love story…………..

To celebrate a special birthday and even more special memories……


A boy growing up with Roy Rogers as his hero. That golden era …….

When the stars of the silver screen were what filled our imaginations and drove our dreams.

A surprise wedding in a small chapel in Arizona………


‘Happy Trails’ being their wedding march…..


(You might want to type ‘Happy Trails – Roy Rogers into youtube)


(play it…play it…’ll be taken to the wild west)


Colours from that golden era…..


Treasures from a collectors stash….

 “It must have Roy Rogers and Trigger in classic pose……”

 “It has to be drop dead gorgeous with impact…”


It seems I hit on a nice memory with the tumble weeds too…..funny that


Every now and then         one comes along………..

And this was one…….Thanks Linda and Mike

Happy Trails to you

Until we meet again……..




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All mapped out…..

The Island of Anglesea was to be captured in glass for a celebratory birthday.


Glass applique technique was best suited for the construction method to avoid the whole piece getting heavy with lead and solder, as it was quite dainty really, measuring just a little bigger than a sheet of A4.


Janine and her lovely Mum and Dad had lots of great ideas about what should be included and the main priority was the holiday home named ‘Minfordd’ and the Menai Straits and boats as the recipient loves sailing.P1050913


Details were painted using vitreous fired mixture of tracing black and antique brown paint and the best bit was hunting out all the interesting little nooks and crannies that Anglesea has to offer.



A lovely wee project that is now in place at ‘Minfordd’

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