Cautley Shout

With ‘WordPress’ kindly providing me with an annual report and ‘The Kendal Winter League’ less than a week away it seems the perfect moment to unveil my latest makings.

Yes, tis’ another Fell Runner and with my last one generating my highest ever views lets hope this one goes viral……..(er, gizza’ hand Tom!)

This one represents the wonderful Alice in action at, (surely it’s her favourite), Cautley Spout.P1020805

Cautley Spout is a dramatic killer of a wee fell race and about 8th race in the KWL line up.  Framed by stunning Howgills scenery it has it all…… climbing that you need all fours for, descents where you use your but’, a river to run through for us seniors followed by a leg wobbler of a 400m flat run in to the funnel.P1020804

And the one thing that Cautley gives to us all though is the inability to walk for the next week. Despite wallowing in the river last year for the recommended 10 mins of submersion I still had to descend my stairs backwards till at least Thursday! The crippling pain is unbelievable and we all do it for the pleasure of once a week bunging £3 through a rolled down window of a car, parked in a bleak and desolate spot, (that’s the registration procedure!) and then proceeding to get chapped cheeks from running into an icy battering wind for 40 mins (if we’re lucky!). (KWL should be sponsored by Neutrogena!) But the following adrenaline rush is, (at times), something you could bottle and sell on the black market for thousands of pounds though….

…..Okay I exagerate. But where else can you meet up with friends on a wild wet sunday in January, indulge in some lung-busting aerobic activity, take in some stunning scenery, (if the clag is up that is!) have a right good laugh and if you’re lucky you escape injury and illness to then return again the following Sunday – and did I mention it is only £3! (And just in case you’re wondering, WE pay THEM!)P1020803

But in the end, when Winter has turned to Spring, and the physical battles that you have had each weekend with your contemparies has mellowed to mere mental battles of, “aaaaah darn it, I’ll mebbe’ get you next time!”, we end the series at The Moot Hall in Sedbergh where we are applauded and awarded with memorable trophies, (my 2012 mug is encapsulated in Alice’s panel) and Dallam cheer the loudest of them all.

Anyway, here is the panel – see you all next Sunday at Scout Scar!P1020806

Oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

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My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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2 Responses to Cautley Shout

  1. Ang Swinton says:

    Another awesome piece Debs might have to commision a wee Inners Biking one at this rate hope you had a fab Chrimbo catch up soon Ang xx

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