Jonah and the Whale

This is Steve the Gardener’s favourite story and I owed it to him to capture it in glass.

(Steve chops up all my firewood for me – he is a very good man).

We chatted….and I drew. (Steve was quite particular about the details and was sure of the part of the story he wanted me to portray).


I selected some lovely special bits of handmade glass. My aim was to keep the glass shapes simple and let the painting tell the story….. I loved doing this story-telling by painting.


Pop it in the kiln – oooooh, just fits!

A bit of ‘forging’ to make the curlicue waves……..


And then finish it off with a bit of wood collected from the bottom of the sea!



About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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4 Responses to Jonah and the Whale

  1. Jo Harbinson says:

    Amazing! Hope you get more of that kind of thing.

    And, I sent the link of your etsy page to my cousin Liz, who has plenty of money and is always buying gifts! She loves it and says she will order a bird or too. I assured her not to worry about there being only 1in stock! Have you had much interest so far?

    Jo x

    • debbiesshed says:

      Thanks Jo….loved doing it…and yes, more would be fab!!

      Have had my first sale on Etsy and regular views ever since, so fingers crossed. (And 1 in stock is a good thing – it means you are getting something very unique!!…Choosing which ONE is the tricky thing). x

  2. Jean Hulzebus says:

    Love it.

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