Hey Mickey you’re so fine….

Okay. So make a Mickey. Should be easy should it not? An absolutely lovely customer and an image to copy off! But hey, Mike (who it is for), is a real serious Disney addict and an engineer to boot.

Gotta get this just right with maybe just a bit of rock n roll cos he really adores Mickey. I fancied a spotlight… thought it might work in the whole composition thing…..P1050479

So firstly…get Mickey to the correct scale….sort out where my cut lines will be…..select the right glass….and paint away.


P1050467Yep, first layer and looking good. Some serious smudging done on the second layer, but recovered and added to the vintage look. (This is a Vintage 1951 Mickey I am talking!) And pop it into the kiln. Going good style.P1050468 (1)

Next up, flip Mickey over and add colour to his shorts, his boots and his tongue, then back into the kiln….slightly lower the temp as we are talking enamels now.

So kiln on, stinky fumes, get outta the shed and settle down for a brew. Oh, and my favourite mag‘ has arrived – perfect!

Time ticked by ….and oh darnit………DARN-IT!!!!!! I have only gone and overcooked Mickey…..by about 40 minutes!

Idiot….Idiot….Idiot….Idiot……….(This day I did a lot of rhyming with the word ‘book’).P1050547

Mickey emerged looking slightly more vintage than I had hoped. Many tell me they liked the effect….…but me, well, lets have another go.

So cut out Mickey No. 2 and whilst waiting for paint to dry thought I might as well solder up No. 1 as a prototype. Popped him into the light box I had sourced to make him a bit more rock ’n’ roll and OMG he was only toooo darn tall.

A classic draughtsman’s error. I couldn’t believe it. What with my background in launching ships and all that!! – (er, slight exaggeration….but I was a mech’draffie of old and had shared tales with Mike – he would be aghast). The error had arisen from the flexibility of my cardboard model. That slight curvature was unforgivable when constructed in rigid glass. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

So. Mickey No.1 was over-cooked…and now Mickey No.2 was bumping his head on my light box. (You can see where this is going can’t you.)

P1050481By now I am blinking great at making Mickey’s! That second layer of paint….got it down to a fine art. Hey, if you can’t learn by your mistakes when can you learn….P1050484

 And hey, Mickey number three was just right.


Okay. Assembly now. Lets try him in the box. By now I am starting to love Mickey quite a lot myself, and do you know what, I found I wasn’t too keen on him hiding in the box. After covert consultations with Mike’s wife Linda we decided that Mickey looked finest on a chip off the old block.

So drum roll please……Here we have him. Mickey, Vintage 1951.


Loved every minute of it. Merry Christmas Mike and Linda x

(Oh, and the magazine…….Fellrunner, Winter edition……….. There is no hope for me…..I like to run up the side of a mountain…x )



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My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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