So what is ‘Open Shed’..?

And what is an ‘Art Trail’? ………some folks ask!

It is so easy to forget that not everyone knows what I’m on about.

Okay. So, ‘Open Shed’….(or ‘Open Studio’ as I call it when I’m talking to posh folk)….is when I tidy up my workshop, sweep up the glass grinds, stack neatly the driftwood, de-clog the sink and scrub up the loo……Then throw open the doors to welcome you.


I usually try to make things look nice. I line up the shoes at the back door, arrange nicely my birds, trinkets and danglies, sweep the mat and stick out the ‘welcome’ board.

If I’m lucky some nice interested folks come wandering in and engage me in engaging chatter. If I’m very lucky one of them folks might want to commission me to make something special for them or even purchase one of my wee danglies. (But it is OK to just come along for the look-see and the patter)


You will usually (!!) find me working hard at my bench on stock items or my latest commission. I am always happy to explain what I am up to; I have even been known to pop the kettle on. There are lots of interesting things for you to look at and poke about in……in fact, I can highly recommend you pay me a visit.

I do ‘Open Shed’ always (well nearly always) on the last Friday of each month. (But you come visit at any time really…….just give me a shout!)


So what is an ‘Art Trail’? An Art Trail is a group of studio’s or workshops or galleries that get together to host an ‘event’ and they all throw open their doors to the adoring public. The studios are usually quite close together and there is often a map or instructions of how to trip from one studio to the next.

Art Trails are great fun. You get to meet artists and makers at home and comfortable in their natural working environment. You get to poke around in their studios and can get to commission or purchase artwork direct from the maker.

If you are a lover of art and craft or like meeting interesting people then art trails and open studio’s are just brilliant.


I participate in two Art Trails and I love doing them. I really enjoy meeting people and it is a great way to showcase your work. Without Art Trails I don’t think I would be able to do what I do, (meaning, be self employed in a great wee shed in a fabidozi location). Most of my sales and commissions come as a direct result of my taking part in an Art Trail.

I am busy right now preparing work for the Green Door Art Trail that takes place from the 9th -11th April. This trail encompasses quite a large chunk of the south lakes and I am part of a Silverdale group exhibition at the local Methodist Church. Seven of us will transform the Church Hall into a pop-up gallery space and have lots of fun welcoming you to come take a peek.


art-trail-cover-2016-thm-231x320.jpgMy main event of the year is the Silverdale and Arnside Art and Craft Trail and for the past five years I have been one of the main organisers. This always takes place on the last weekend in June and it is truly FANTASTIC.

trail catalogue dummy.jpg

Our wee village comes alive with a carnival of thronging crowds clutching art trail maps, tumbling from one exhibition venue to the next. The atmosphere is buzzing and it is by far the busiest event in the village calendar.

If you come you will be wooed by over 80 artists at 30 different venues.

You will swoon over the artwork on offer and be stimulated to maybe ‘have a go’ at a workshop….or maybe make a purchase and take home lots of lovely goodies.

Without doubt, you will enjoy yourself though. I promise.

Remember, the last weekend in June………….diary it!

So now you know what I’m on about why not take a look in my events to find out where I am next exhibiting or when my next ‘open studio’ is.

For hot off the press news take a look at my facebook page where I post regularly about what I am working on.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to welcoming you at Debbie’s Shed sometime soon.



About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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