Bring me sunshine….

Just a few short weeks ago an offer dropped in to my ‘inbox’.


Would I like to submit artwork for an exhibition to celebrate what would have been Eric Morecambe’s 90th year? This came from The Morecambe Artist Colony (MAC), a dynamic wee group of artists and makers from, yes you’ve guessed it – Morecambe!


Well it lit a spark in me – the Eric Morecambe statue never fails to illicit a response whenever I pass it….a smile…a salute…or the full on one-legged dance – yee-hah!


(I spent a very happy lunch-time once with my Mam and Dad at ‘Eric’s Cafe’ which is just across the road from Eric’ statue. The laugh we had watching passing folks strike a pose…Eric definitely “brings me sunshine!”)


So here is what I came up with for my submission…even the birds getting in on the act!


You can see that Eric also brought me sunshine whilst i was photographing my artwork. …He also brought a high tide though and me, out on the sands at Silverdale, trying to capture Eric and co’ against a bright wide horizon and big sky; I almost got caught by the ‘bore’ (and I am not referring to a particularly un-interesting local character!!)


The ‘bore’ is the first wave of each tide and in the estuary at Silverdale you can spot it twice daily if you’re watching. It is quite a sight. Most usually it is a gentle shallow little wave. First filling up all the riverlets but quickly following up with gobbling up all the sand. On particularly high tides it comes in especially quickly and will have a white wake behind it. (I have spotted the bore from the top of the Knott before – a line of water creeping up the Bay).


So yesterday was one of those high tides. It was also very sunny so I was out on the sand-bar photographing Eric. Happy days…. Till I heard a toot-toot from Tony on the shore. Lucky for me I heeded his warning and headed back; just managing to skip across the ever widening stream and onto the land. Phew! What a numpty.


Lucky for me Tony was there…another couple of minutes and I wouldn’t have fancied my chances surfing in…..Silly me. And me a local too. (Lesson to self – always always check the tides)



If you would like to take a look at the exhibition then pop across to Morecambe Library. The exhibition is on until the middle of July.


(Can you spot the real statue!!??)

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My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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