In the shimmering shadow of Ingleborough…

Cavort swallows and hares.

Dancing amongst grasses and

Swirling through seedheads.

Between the sun and the moon

Tossing a riot of colour.

This one made me smile. Beautiful subjects… (and not least because I was to ensure the hare was at no point to resemble the angel of death of Watership Down horror)(yikes… yep.. him and General Umvert… twas the stuff of childhood nightmares!)

Oh what fun I had designing this… from the scribbliest lovely wee doodle.. through hares gazing at moon to hares frolicking under moon to streaking hare with defo no red eye!

And then some beautiful palette of colours and textures and i was a happy bunny with my glass cutter. Check out the wee red flashes.. the glance of pink… the rustle of texture… and of course some sparkle!

And then. Yep. Down to painting. I laid down the shadow of Ingleborough first and fired all these pieces. I often try to do everything in one firing but I knew the top layers of seedheads would just cause me headaches if Ingleborough was not fixed. Sepia brown for the hare and black/brown for the seedheads. Lots of careful layering, scraping, smudging and lining.

Rhythmic leadwork was just a joy then straight on with the grout and….. polish.

Oh and these guys let me keep this one in my window through Christmas. Thanking You!


About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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