Love letter

Funny what life throws at you.
In January I was searching for something like this … haha i mean….a few week sabbatical of navel gazing and self improvement.
Ha. Careful what you wish for eh.
Thankfully Boris gave us clues as to how this might pan out and I am glad that my panic buying amounted to me grabbing mostly (!) useful stuff.  (I am at that sensible age!!)
I have even been industrious at work and everything essential (what a word) has gotten out there. And all the non essential is making my workshop window look very lovely in its closed down state.
Last night I popped down. Collected all my blank drawings. Flipped the sign to closed and turned off the lights. All of them. (There are usually some on all the time)(I know. Shocking!!)
My workshop window looked lovely but i will turn my back on it for some time.
So yes. A period of looking at myself. And spending time with just myself.  (Yikes!!!)(Ha. But hallelujah for that wifi lifeline eh) (I m a g i n e if we had to do without that. Wow. A thoughtful silence here)
So. My larder is healthy. My body seems so too at this present moment. My home is very lovely and I look ahead to making it even lovelier (!!!!). Thanks. To Ecover (cleaning product!). And the scrap store cheap farr.. and (ssssh) paint. (Darn. Did I just tell everyone)
Yep. I’ll get through this. I need not move from my homestead for any reason at all (not precedented anyway) for 7 days I reckon….
In those 7 days I will either have had it (the virus) or I will not. I reckon. And then I will decide what I do next. How to measure my movements.
I gonna go clean and tidy and sit in the sun in my back yard when the sun is on it.
And I may, get round to working on filling these blanks too….
But here, before I go…
This lovely panel for a lovely lady. A surprise gift from her mum to celebrate a 40th birthday…
Molly the labrador in her favourite places… the woods and the seaside.
But also… seagulls(3) and beautiful colours and details inspired by her three wee girls.
Take care folks xx

About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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1 Response to Love letter

  1. Linda Halliday says:

    Thanks Debbie for you’re Love Letter. I always look forward to your updates and latest projects. I’m sure your window looks lovely. Your work is simply amazing. I have a curlew I collected ages ago from your home in Silverdale. I haven’t visited you in your new premises, but hope to at some time.

    Best wishes to you and your family. Take care and stay safe.

    Linda Halliday from Bolton

    Sent from my iPad


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