Winter sunshine

Oh, I love it when the sun comes out….. Got out for a little run this morning along the cliff path to Arnside. The tide was quietly lapping in and tickling the cliffs and there on a sandbank waded a “squadron” (not sure of the correct collective noun here, but suits perfectly to me when thinking of them flying in perfect formation), of oystercatchers. Oystercatchers are dear to me; they really got me started on this stained glass adventure. And it’s always nice to stop and look at the view.


I have had a lovely week actually, topped off by my run in the sun.

Had a lovely ‘working day’

at my kitchen table on Wednesday with my friend Susan and wee dog Alfie. We put the world to rights whilst quietly grafting. Susan sculpting, me foiling and Archie snuggling in front of the fire when there wasn’t any chance of ‘dropped’ biscuit crumbs. Susan was working on a new set of legs for her hand-sculpted doll. She reckons the first pair was too thin and too short. (I thought they looked perfect, but then again, I have fell runners legs that have been the envy of many a rugby player. They are none too thin and a bit short, so who am I to judge). Image

I was lucky and had sunshine for my ‘Open Studio’ last weekend too. Many thanks to all those who came and especially those who gave me some interesting commissions…. lots to get my teeth into in the coming weeks…….. Weka’s and Walshes! Watch this space.

And now these little ‘Ringed Plover’ are ready to fly to their new home. Looking perfectly at home during the photo-shoot on the shore and  attracting a bit of attention too, from the ‘Last of the summer wine’ group on the bench. “What is she up to?” they pondered over their butties……


About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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4 Responses to Winter sunshine

  1. Lynne Whelon says:

    Another lovely blog. I might get you to finish my novel when the arthritis sets in!

  2. Hi Debbie, love that musketeer of plovers you’ve created.
    We get them at our local beach, quite noisy when they want to be… Life is bliss there, by the sounds! When can I visit , you can show me the wildlife on the sand banks.
    Catch up soon,

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