Cocooned in my shed

Heaters on…..Radio 6 is playing great tunes ….. and it is snowing outside.

I am cocooned in warmth, sound, white and work!

I have had a great day. Worked through three D.J’s, gosh their shifts are short! And I have ‘ear worm’ courtesy of ‘The Villagers, Waiting for Nothing’. The tune so got in my head that I even put it up on youtube whilst I ate my lunch. (Thanks for that tip Susan!) Great song, tragic video. Check it out.

P1020074Anyway, what have I been busy on? With ‘Open Studio’ just one week away I was inspired to experiment with another glass applique subject. Lovebirds again, sleeping in perfect heart formation on a branch. Once it was set in silicone I put it aside to complete my latest Princess and the Pea. Soldering iron was switched on and bedposts and curlicues provided the finishing touch.





Soldering iron off, oh, and new DJ. (Playing….Supergrass and the great dance floor filler). Then it was barrier cream on for polishing and cleaning up of my curlews and dippers and a ‘ratch’ through my driftwood pile to find that perfect piece of wood.

ImageOut of my cocoon and into the draughty utility room, brrrrrrrrrrrrr.  With perfect pieces of wood found and set aside for tweaking and flattening it was time for the school run and to discover that the white had turned to wet. (Well apart from that skiddy bit in the car park – oops).


Nice day.Image

About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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4 Responses to Cocooned in my shed

  1. Peter Vreede says:

    I see your light on at all sorts of strange times of the day. Must be a happy toiler. Peter

  2. Susan says:

    Tragic video! Poor sod – what a waste of a ticket – thought he might give it the cleaner!!

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