Just call me “Barbara”!

As in, “Barbara Woodhouse”. You know, the famous dog whisperer.


Have just finished an intense 2 weeks of baptism by ‘Pepper’, the 9 month old springer spaniel who holidayed with me here in Silverdale.P1030516


We now have a shortage of sausages, a glut of apples, I have one arm longer than the other and an hour glass waistline!?? P1030531Picture me with super long lead tied firmly around my waist trying to appear in control whilst walking (…..I really mean being walked by..!) Pepper, through rabbit-y meadows and squirrell-y woods – yeah, the waistline got a little stretched and constricted.

 Oh, but we had a great time. The footpaths around Silverdale are an absolute delight. We did a different trog every day – new sights and new smells; you can guess how excited Pepper was. P1030521Lambert’s meadow was the best….the sludgy beck and the long, long grass full of butterflies – Pepper Heaven!P1030527


Followed by a clean up in the spring at Woodwell.P1030530

Oh and then Thursday was a case of when ‘Pepper met Eddie’. They reeeeeally liked each other.P1030536

A little tooooo much.P1030543

Sister Lucy was a little distressed to hear that wee Pepper-Eds might be on the way. But what was most disturbing was how much of a laugh my mate Sal and I got out of watching them “trying” in my back garden – honestly two middle aged women wetting themselves – we should know better!!!!


Orrrr, they would be cute though. What would they be called?…. a springer spaniel /cairn-schnauser cocktail!!!????


Not quite so popular with Lightning though!P1030534

I really had a ball over the fortnight and became quite attached to the wee pooch. Especially when she whimpered when I left the room, licked my legs to get the moisturizer off and plopped on my lap to share my chair. I even impressed myself by being a model owner in  getting her to (almost) walk to heel through the Village Centre and managing to comb her ears to get the sticky buds off.

But all too soon the 14 days were up. The ‘imposter’ was seconded. (That would be me!!) And the mistress had returned!


(Now she really does have a gift.)

Here they are, the happy family re-united. (Just hope it isn’t a ‘growing’ family – oooops).P1030558

So with time on my hands again…..I have re-arranged my driftwood pileP1030561 in search of inspiration for the forthcoming C-Art exhibition……. and I am liking this floodlight casing that I found on the beach on an early morning walk with Pepper.


Ummmmm……a light-bulb moment (pardon the pun!) coming up!!


About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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2 Responses to Just call me “Barbara”!

  1. Susan Fletcher says:

    Delightful! What a lovely dog Pepper is! Glad you enjoyed her visit, lots more to come I think…..

  2. Jo Harbinson says:

    Sounds like a typical springer spaniel experience! I’m sure its lovely being a dog walker in Silverdale. Thanks for doing the booking! Jo x

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