A belting Panel

It was Open Shed day way back in May….and the day had already got off to a good start. The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal had just phoned me to say I was one of the lucky reserves (i.e.. I answered the phone!!) to get tickets from the waiting list for ‘The (beautiful) South’ performing that very night.

And then Liz turned up with a most wonderful commission under her arm! (We had first met at Rheged when she admired my work there and now here she was again, all the way from Dumfries!)

She also thought she was having a good day as that very morning she had viewed my blog to find my latest post featuring her beloved Belted Galloways!

And so the connection was forged.P1030657

From a wee bundle of photos and a couple of dimensions, I later set to drafting up Liz’s panel. The brief was it had to include Liz’s new farmhouse and a belted galloway.P1030852

We to-d and fro-d for a bit and soon a couple of saddle-back pigs were to join the scene. Some time was spent getting the layout just right and selecting the glass colours and then with sizes finalised I started cutting.

P1030952Simple shapes were to be enhanced with painted detail.

The vitreous paint was built up in many layers to create depth, intensity and detail.P1030853


Then it was fired…….leaded…..soldered…..grouted and polished.P1030895P1030951

P1030896Liz came down to collect it last Saturday and I hope to hear soon that she has successfully fitted it above her new front door.

Yes, a truly belting project….enjoyed from start to finish!

About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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