An Austin Metropolitan…

Greg. Thank you Greg.

Another extraordinary commission! To celebrate his sisters birthday and to be carried to Mexico for the party.. wow!

Easy. Greg came up with the tale, the captions… I just had to build it!

(Ha. Easier said than done)

Hey, i will love experimenting with shot-blasting again Greg, said I.

Oh and I did. Only, when I then went to fire the car after painting in the detail.. it er, slumped… and c r r r acked! (ouch)


Oops. Back to the drawing board. And resorted to using white glass and red glass and joining with foil. (Stressy cuts though and ate up quite a chunk of glass!)..


And, (i am not going to make this common practice) but the second Austin Metropolitan did finish up much better than the first one!





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My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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2 Responses to An Austin Metropolitan…

  1. Dr. Lawrence Jones says:

    Goodness me, I use to work in Manchester (20+ years ago) with this wonderful and talented person!!!! One of the most professional – and nicest people – that I have ever worked with in my whole life. So pleased to discover that she has yet another tangent to her multi-talented discipline dictionary. The quality of this work is breathtakingly beautiful.

    Ooooh Debbsie, I wish you so much success with future ventures and infinite happiness with your new shop.

    Very best wishes,

    Lawrence Jones (From E&H days…..the ‘hippie’ hair has now dropped out!!!).

    P.S. I bet there’s a good chance of hearing a few tracks by ‘The Blue Nile’ if you visit her shop.

    P.P.S. I gained my Ph.D thanks to all Debbs’ efforts 

    P.P.S. Wow, most people aren’t even aware of the Austin Metropolitan and its history. The car’s origins were in the US and it was conceived by the Nash/Hudson motor co. Can’t recall if the Metropolitan had more success than the Austin A90 Atlantic which bombed when they tried to flog it in the US. The ‘cyclops’ headlamps [1] were a bit spooky… was the sound of a 4 cylinder engine in the US!



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