dc stained glass – new girl in town!

Oh, exciting times. Exciting times indeed.

After trading as Debbie’s Shed from my old home studio for the past 10 years i have now taken flight!.. haha… and flown to Kendal.

Aww, you must want to know how this came about… You do! Here goes….

So, Halloween 2017… and i first visited the workshop on Allhallows Lane in Kendal. I was bewitched (ha).

Situated at the foot of an extremely steep hill named Beast Banks (and oh, i love hills!) the space came with a lovely big shop window… a lovely big shop floor workspace.. and best of all, the big bonus of a basement! (Well i need somewhere to store the…. driftwood!)

Spookily, the Landlord was in town… we talked, we liked and we shook on the deal.

And now it is mine. (Well, by short hold tenancy in any case!)

11 Allhallows Lane, Kendal, LA9 4JH

dc stained glass – studio.


Yep, I even have a new name! (Listen to me getting all business like…. the stained glass artist now even has glass in her blinking job title… wow!)(Well, I really was far too popular with the shed dwelling bloggers.. and I love sheds, i do. But sheds i do not sell!)

So. dc stained glass

dc – well they are my initials.. and, when I recently did that lovely panel for Brantwood (there she goes name dropping again!) Howard asked me to sign my work. So i came up with a wee logo that incorporated my initials… (it has a wee bird).. so that bit was born.

and the ‘stained glass‘. Well it is what I do. It is my material. (and hey, a secret, a fell running pal on congratulating me on the Brantwood panel, parted with the words… ‘  g’ lass …’ !

Perfect. Said I.  dc g lass…   d c stained glass .

And I am settling in. The locals are lovely. It is quite a delight to have folks walking past the window as i sit and work at my bench. 6 music keeping me company on my right, tools to my left… and folks to the front! Happy days.

And the workshop bit… It is MY workshop. (Sorry folks. I’m not doing workshops)(Only I keep getting asked)(but no)..  So, upon reflection.. I am going to rename it my studio, so as not to mislead folks!  dc stained glass studio. (Get the paint pot out again!)

So all is good. Shall we celebrate? How about a party…

Yep, yep, let us wet that new bench with some nice juicy plonk… And you, my friends, are all invited…


Saturday the 3rd of March… shall we say from 10am till it ends…



About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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2 Responses to dc stained glass – new girl in town!

  1. David E says:

    I purchased one of your bird stained glass pieces….Sandpiper at Abbott Hall Art Gallery.. I hope all goes well at your workshop in Kendal…David

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