Cat Wrapping

Black and white cat,Image

stubbornly he sat,

Cared not a jot.

“You want to wrap wot!”

Black and white cat,

Getting in my way.


He has the final say.

…….and so the weekend went. Please feel free to help me out with that second last line. I can’t quite get it……. feeling jaded…….the weekend has faded……a-dren-alin….must ‘ave bin.

(Oh, dear stop me rapping)…….Image

That’s what happens

when you’re searching for a headline.

Images jostling for your attention.

See how it went.

Music did I mention?

Now I really will shut up before you all tune out completely. Just having a bit of taxing fun, exercising my mind after the festival fuelled carnival charged atmosphere of the Art Trail.

For crying out loud, shut -up and just load the photos.

Basically it was fab. If you didn’t visit, you missed out. It was a joy. Lots of lovely people to meet and beautiful things to see. Some really excellent images can be found here and mine can be seen here….Image








About debbiesshed

My blog is all about the stained glass projects I get up to in my shed. I promise to post regularly with fresh and beautiful jobs. Thanks for looking.
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1 Response to Cat Wrapping

  1. Karen says:

    It was indeed a great weekend. Your glass pieces were stunning and the quality of all the work at the trail was v high. Well done!!

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